Frostbite Poster

Ive looking at many of the fanmade poster for Frostbite and some of them are really good. Yesterday I bought the Frostbite graphic novel and the cover really caught my attention. So I was thinking that the official poster for Frostbite should be something similar to it. Something showing more action. Thoughts?


Honestly, If they made a movie poster to look similar to the graphic novel cover, it would look really cool and might catch some eyes.

Anonymous wonders: Dave Franco for Adrian? i think his looks are pretty good for the role, although I'm not sure if he could pull Adrian's *air* off. What do you think?? xx

Definitely the right look, but I feel he’s a bit too old(29). Adrian is only 21 after all.

Jul-22 + 10
mariootz93 wonders: Any news on the kickstarter campaign?

Not yet, hopefully soon. I believe with Kickstarter, it takes a little while to finalize everything. I’ve seen it happen another project too before it was posted.

Jul-21 + 8
eldorablethings wonders: I think xavier samual would be an awesome adrian. What do you think?

I think he’s got the right look (and he looks well under his actual age of 30), but I feel like those who’ve played a different vampire before shouldn’t be another one. 

Anonymous wonders: i was just asking :) maybe that's because i love Adrian a lot haha

No problem! Just wondering!

Jul-19 + 4
Anonymous wonders: hello :) Adrian smells alcohol, clove cigarettes and cologne, right? are there anuthing else?

I believe that’s it.

If you don’t mind telling, why do you ask?

Jul-19 + 4
ohyoubringmejoy wonders: I'm torn between Max Irons and Hayden Christensen for Adrian :) I think they're both perfect :) xx


Both look good!

aidmarmurderess wonders: Nico Tortorella for Adrian Ivashkov! He would be perfect for the role. <3

I’d say that’s a pretty good match!

2014 Teen Choice Awards


Zoey has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for her role as Rose! 

The movie itself has also been nominated!

Go sign up and vote!

Anonymous wonders: actually I think Douglass booth (Kyle from lol) should play Adrian

Nice choice too!

Jul-17 + 45
anaiswarner wonders: i think Daniel Sharman should play Adrian😍

Looks good!image

If you’re a fan of the Bloodlines series, retweet this tweet to get more of a sneak peek at Silver Shadows.

Looks like we will be doing a Kickstarter after all! 

Anonymous wonders: IS FROSTBITE REALLY HAPPENING OMG???!!??!?!?!?!

It could be! For a better explanation go here, and know that more news is coming this week.

Jul-14 + 15
Anonymous wonders: I think Max Irons should play Adrian

You’re not alone! He’s one of the more popular choices.

Jul-14 + 7