BIG NEWS #VAFamily. Own a piece of #VAMovie history and bid on one of the many costumes worn by the stars of the film. Proceeds from the bidding on EBAY will be directed towards our Indiegogo campaign. But here is the catch - regardless if we reach our goal or not - you STILL get to keep your Costume win and no refunds will be made.

You can look at all the items up for grabs here, and bid if you can.

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At just about $206,000, and we have a new reward. Donate here.

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Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film

We’re only about $3,500 away from the $200,000 mark.

Anonymous wonders: i'm still in shock someone paid the 10,000$ Queen Bee Package, my parents would never paid that kind of money for that :( I'm happy that someone wants that movie made that much

I know, it’s crazy! We need more big donations like that!

Aug-19 + 14

Dom just took over the @officialVAmovie twitter handle (and broke the tweet limit) and gave us another sneak peek at the script.

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Anonymous wonders: Сколько вы уже собрали?

(They’re asking how much has been collected)


Aug-18 + 5


With 19 days left, we’re hovering around $185,000.

Dom’s full Indiegogo support video

Happy 21st Birthday, Cameron Monaghan! (August 16, 1993)

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aliceinfuckingwonderland wonders: Robert Sheehan for adiran ivashkov

Not my ideal choice, but not bad.

Aug-15 + 16


VA FAMILY make sure you are up to date with the latest Frostbite Donation Campaign.
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Anonymous wonders: Hey, English isn't my first language so I'm still improving my listening skills, so can you say what does Danila say after 'Dimitri & Rose still have...' because all I heard is kasjdsakda. Please?

"Still have a journey ahead of them."

Aug-15 + 12